Tinker Panics in 1.0.0?

Is anyone else having this problem, or conversely can someone else try this and see if they have the same problem?

I got a new Photon and when I try to do anything with Tinker from my iPhone it throws a kernel panic. I tried on one of the Photons I already had and got the same. I know Tinker worked on the old one under earlier firmware (0.8 candidates) but I haven’t used Tinker since the 1.0.0 release.

Running my own code on the unit it works as expected (so far). Using the manual functions from the WebIDE device console also throws a Panic so I don’t think it’s exclusive to my iPhone.

I didn’t have anything connected to I/O pins.

One unusual issue in my setup is that I’m in a rural area using satellite-based Internet service, so my round-trip ping time (as reported by diagnostics) runs 750 ms to 950 ms.


On the Photon only, there is an incompatibility with the Tinker version installed on the device or flashed from the mobile apps when using some 0.8.0-rc versions and 1.0.0.

Upgrading Tinker by using the current version of the Particle CLI:

particle flash --usb tinker

will resolve this problem.

Or you can build your own copy of Tinker and flash it OTA. The source is available here.