Tinker app for fire tablet


Can anyone point me at the apk file for Tinker - for Android. I know its available on the usual Google Play store BUT I have a Kindle Fire - which doesn’t give access - only to Amazon store :-((.

Just the APK will do - then I can drop it onto my web page and download direct from there.




@jensck might have some inputs about this.

Do what I did when I had this issue (I now just use the build ide instead of the tinker app). Load the google play store and the other google services on the fire tablet.

Newer versions of the app require Google Play Services, but this older one doesn’t: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BySmUIpNVsbbR3oydmd1ZUpYVmc

This older APK doesn’t support the Electron, but it should work for Photon setup and Tinker-ing.

I didn’t need to root the amazon fire tablet. It took me awhile to get the google play store (and google play services) on the fire tablet but because of this I can get pretty much any app I want from the google app store (including tinker). I was able to get the latest version on tinker on the fire tablet just by downloading it. I had no problems with it.

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Again many thanks for your help ;-)). I know that there are ‘hoops’ to go through to get access to Google Play Store on a Fire, and what I read made it seem like a nightmare - so I avoided it 9life’s too short ;-).

I have my own web page where I can drag any APK I want then point the fire at my website and install from there. Rather short-sighted of Amazon really - but hey its a Marketing decision not technical ;-). Its how I install my own apps - developed in Android Studio…

Thanks again for your help though ;-).



I would turn on developer mode and allow apps (apks) from unknown sources.

Hi Greg,

Already done that - I just haven’t gone through the hoops to allow access to Google Play Store :-O.


It’s well worth it.