Particle + App Interface?

I know this is a broad question but:

Does anyone have any good resources that I could learn how to make a simple app button on android make a photon pin turn High or Low ?

and also how to send data from a photon to an app?


What’s wrong with the docs? There’s plenty information in the docs that would answer, at least some of, your questions. What couldn’t you find in the docs, after looking thoroughly?

All cloud interactions happen over a REST API. So as long as you can make HTTP calls, you should be able to interact with your devices.

Just something more step by step, just thought someone might have made an instructable or youtube video but I haven’t been able to find one.

It denpends on what exactly you are after and how much experience you have in building Android Apps.
The simplest solution - apart from using Tinker - may be using Blynk.

Everybody is learning differently, but in my experience, following step-by-step tutorials doesn’t always help actually getting things to stick in my mind. The stuff that I find out myself is usually the stuff I will remember the best.
e.g. I had virtually no experience in developing an Android App, so I just took the Tinker App source code, ploughed through it, located the places where I thought things must happen, read through the code to get a feeling for what they did there and why, and that allowed me to extend the Tinker App in a way that suited my desires better

However, the Android SDK repository does now fearture a simpler template app to start off of.