The server has failed to process the request on time. Please try again


I have the same problem.


Hey Guys,

Fun times, looks like someone was attacking the compile service. So I’m tracking down that user now. The service is back up at the moment.



I’ve been compiling alot, hope it’s not me :expressionless:


Hey Guys,

Thanks again for alerting me to this, looks like our build farm monitoring needs a nudge. I’ve also reached out to the person responsible for what felt like an attack. I’ll keep an eye on it today as well just in case.



I’m currently experiencing the same problem. I’vet tried refresh browser, incognito window, renew access token. Also tried compiling super-tiny code (empty setup(), empty loop() )
I also saw a 404 Error once. I’m based in Sweden. Anything going on with compiling server ?


+1 on this issue – I’ve haven’t been able to flash anything for at least half an hour now


I am also unable to do anything with my photon for the last hour


This is being looked into, I’m noticing similar issues.


Same problem as well


I just got my Photon this afternoon. Got it all connected, but I haven’t been able to compile a single thing! Worst part is, the status page says everything is fine. I was banging my head against the wall for almost an hour because of that, until I decided to check here. Not a great first impression…


I am also seeing the same problem.


Good evening everybody,
same problem here. For about one hour.
I’m in Rome, Italy (if this info can help in any way…)


It is working now for me.


The issue should be fixed now. Please give it another try!

Issues compiling in the cloud?

Works fine now for me as well. Thanks.


oh, i tried it in the morning and it worked. However after a hour, the services stopped again. oh, god, it happened again.


Yeah, it’s down again now. I’ve been having so much fun with my Photon, this is killing me.


Whoops, turned out I just wrote some bad code that caused the Photon to hang and not respond to a flash, which looks the same in the IDE. False alarm!

The server has failed to process the request on time

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