The integrations page got a makeover!

Hey Everyone!

You may notice some changes in your integration dashboard on the Console. We’ve made some updates that will make it even easier for you to manage your integrations. First, we’ve updated the visualization from a grid to a list, so you can quickly see all your integrations in one place. Each row shows the integration name, the event name, the type of integration, the domain of the target, the status (enabled/disabled), and a column to see the traffic of that day (successes/failures/skipped).

What’s the integration name you ask? It’s a free-form field you can use to describe what an integration does. Very useful if you send events to several different services. You’ll see a default name for your existing integrations, so don’t hesitate to customize it in the integration editor.

But wait there’s more! You can expand each row to see the history of the event in the last 30 days and the full URL of the target. We’ve also added a new actions button that opens up a menu where you can choose if you want to see the details of the integration, edit it or enable/disable (depending on what applies). This makes it easier than ever to manage your integrations without having to switch between different pages or menus.

And finally, we’ve added a search bar with filters, and the ability to sort the rows alphabetically in each column. This means you can quickly find the integration you’re looking for, even if you have a lot of them. We hope these changes make managing your integrations even easier and more efficient!


The update looks great, thanks!

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Looks great. Much easier to navigate.
One issue: The Add New Integration button is not functional and grayed out. I tried two browsers.

Excellent change. Thank you

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What browsers are you using? It’s working for me on Chrome and Safari

Are you on a particular product that may limit your permissions? the plain old sandbox?
Have you run out of integrations, maybe you have too many already?
There is a limit, I forgot what it is.

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The limit is 20 integrations in the sandbox, unlimited in products (including sandbox products).

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Thanks for the responses.
I used Firefox and Chrome; same behavior. It is a sandbox with 11 integrations.
I thought I reached a limit too. I searched the docs and found info about data operations, but not integrations.

The weird thing is as I was typing this message, the “button” came alive and I can now add integrations! :thinking:
I did not restart the browser, just opened a new tab to login. Same thing I did yesterday.
Anyway, thanks for the support. It seems to be resolved.


@Colleen ,

Love it! In one glance I can see all the integrations, their utilization and any issues!


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Looks very nice. Since we’re talking about the console, I’ve wondered about the My Devices page and how the devices are ordered on it. I don’t see a method to the ordering, and wonder if you might also add the sort capability to the columns on that page, just to make things easier to find.