Integration settings grayed out


Hi all, I can’t see to access the settings of any of my integrations. The website also is not allowing me to create new integrations.


Can anyone help me? Please?

A bit of update. It’s gotten stranger.

I can now trick the website into giving me access to my own webhook integrations.

If I click on the Products tab/link on the nav bar on the left:

And then click on the Integrations tab, I seem to be able to create new integrations and edit my old ones. The setting changes do seem to save. But if I reload (CTRL+R) the Integrations page or the webhook settings page, I lose access again.

That’s extremely odd, it’s working perfectly for me. I cannot replicate it. My only current theory is a big stretch, but do you have a new ad blocker enabled?

Not a new one. I’m on Chrome and have been using Adblock for years. I’ll disable and try it.

Just to be safe. I disabled all my extensions and used incognito mode, in case it mattered.

No changes. The new integration tile is still grayed out and the buttons to test, edit, or delete an existing integration are also still grayed out.

Clicking on the Products tab first, and then clicking on the Integrations tab still gives me temporary access.

Also, I’m a high school teacher and we use Particle devices in my class. As far as I know, it’s not a problem for my students. Some of them were working on projects today that involved editing their webhooks. Just pointing it out because we’re on the same WiFi.

Not sure if it matters, but I’m on Windows 10 Home.

Alright, I’ve got an update for you. It turns out there were some updates to integrations earlier this week and that is most likely the root of your issue. The engineering team is working on a fix. I’ll let you know as soon as I know more.


Though there is always the possibility that it’s a coincidence and you’ve hit an integration limit. Especially if you’ve whipped up a bunch of example integrations while teaching. How many integrations do you have? I believe the limit is 20 integrations for sandbox users.

There are 14 integrations. Earlier, I did try making a new one just to make sure I can and I was also able to delete it.

I just restarted my computer, just in case that was it, but no changes.

Thank you for looking into this and providing an update!

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The fix is now live! Let me know if you’re still having issues. You’ll likely have to restart your browser.

Manually closed my browser. Rebooted my computer. No changes. Workaround also still works.

What should my next steps be? I’m also going to try to do this from another computer later. See if it’s specific to my account or my computer.

Not sure if that will help but maybe… could you try right klick on the integrations web page and then go to inspect.
Maybe you will get some console logs also you can go to the network tab and see if there is some errors as well
Also try to refresh the page during inspection.

Thanks dreamER. Tried what you suggested. I’m not a developer though so it’s a very busy window that pops up with lots of sections and tabs. I did find a section listing some warnings. These are it:

I apologize in advance if I am not more specific to the trouble you are actually having. I offer the following only if it might ring some bells for you or others on what might be at issue.

It is good you can create and delete some webhooks. You might try to use CLI and list your webhooks so you can actually record what you have in case they become unavailable for whatever reason.

A while back (last fall), I was having what seems to be similar trouble with my webhooks. The integrations page would wig out on me. It turned out, the solution for me, was to clear out the mess of poorly formed web hooks I had been using, over time. There was close to the maximum number of integrations in my account. I know because I was trying to add more and could not. I recall reading a thread where @ScruffR commented about the use of a prefix in an event and responding to it with just ONE webhook instead of several (could not find thread, sorry). Well, that was my problem - several webhooks using the same prefix (or, whatever else I had coded in them). I reduced the number of webhooks from 20 down to 3. Every thing worked as expected. Also, the integrations page stopped jumping around! :wink:

I did see this thread about multiple webhooks firing from @rickkas7 :

Hope this helps!