Thank You Particle For the AWESOME Electron!

I received my Electron Today!!!

Everything is of the highest quality, the Electron, the packaging, the battery, the antenna, the instructions, the whole online setup went without any issues and I was able to upload my first skectch over 3G cellular with zero problems :smiley:

So I just wanted to personally thank the whole team for all the work they put into making the Electron and everything that goes along with it a reality!

So thanks to the whole team, Great Work! Great things will be done with the Electron I already know it!

@zach , @zachary, @Dave, @BDub , @BDub1, @mdma, @mohit, @will , and the whole rest of the team.


Iā€™m literally punching the air right now, yes!! :grin: This is what we all work so hard for. Thank you Ryan for taking the time out to validate our efforts!


Thanks for the very kind words!


Thanks so much for the post!! Means a lot to the whole team :slight_smile:

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Yes! Thank you guys so much! This is really a great product that is going to disrupt so many industries. I hope you all profit greatly! because some of us might!!