Sys/termios.h: No such file or directory

Hi. With my most recent compile, after changing only some output string text, I’m receiving:
sys/termios.h: No such file or directory

on “#include <Particle.h>” statement.

I’m not really sure where to being looking; any thoughts or suggestions would be fantastic! Thank you!

HI @Fuzzy3

The termios.h header file is a standard Unix header for C compilers that deals with serial IO and has #define's for things like baud rate, special characters, etc. It would not typically be used on a Particle device.

Probably what happened is your new code is trying to use some Unix-like IO command or #define that does not exist on Particle and the compile is trying to drag in headers that it thinks will fix the problem.

Can you share the changes you made to your code?


Hi @bko

I think this was a symptom of a larger issue - it seems that I was overrunning the flash space. This was due to the fact that I specified “pi” as my device (which it is). When I leave the device unspecified, the code fits just fine.

Thank you for your response.