stm32f2xx.h: No such file or directory

I can’t compile my project due to the following issue:

particle-update/serial_internal.h:6:23: fatal error: stm32f2xx.h: No such file or directory
#include “stm32f2xx.h”

Last week I was using the same library include without troubles.

Any help most welcome

What library is that?


if I recall correctly, this file is distributed as part of the WICED SDK, and contains the micro controller registers addresses / memory ranges / etc.

I thought that Particle obfuscated this one…

note - while it’s being distributed via WICED SDK ( Broadcomm ), the copyrights might be actually ST micro.

Exactly. I thought I could use this library on my projects


  • What toolchain/IDE are you using?
  • What does your build/make command look like?
  • What device are you targeting? (Core would be a bad choice here :wink: )

The online IDE (

I save and verify the project.

A photon device.


If you have selected the target to be a Photon then your #include "stm32f2xx.h"does work.

How do you select the target on the online IDE?

Ok sorted. I added another device over the weekend and I did not have any device selected to flash.

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