No Such File directory - Library

I’ve been searching for the solution regarding all libraries that I use in the web IDE.
My code was running well all the time until one day I need to upload an updated coding that I’m just restructure the void loop in December 2019 the verification process in the Web IDE says that

Adafruit_SSD1306.h: No such file or directory

I don’t understand why this is happening.

Then, I also check in this forum regarding the same problem (the link is as below), and the problem statement is maybe the firmware version in the device; that in my case is Particle Photon.

In my case my Photon firmware is a default version all the time.

Thus, I need a suggestion of another library or how can I added back the library in the Web IDE Library.

Could you share a screenshot of the library included in the web IDE and your code with the #include statement? Also, what GFX library are you using?

This may be something for @jvanier who recently looked into some Web IDE quirks.
Can you post a SHARE THIS REVISION link for him to look at.

You should be able to solve this issue by removing the library from your application in the Web IDE then adding it again.

Click the X next to the library name in the panel showing your app name.

Then open the library panel, find the library, click Include in project, select your app then Confirm.

If that doesn’t work, share the app id (the part at the end of and I’ll take a look at what’s going on.

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Here I attach the screenshot of the library I’m using…


about the GFX library… I don’t know what you mean… because I’m include the library as given in the library…

Yes… I have done exactly this…

Sir @jvanier
Here I share with you the app ID…

And actually, I also have tried to look back in the included library in the library. But I cannot find it anymore. As you can see below picture shows that there is no more code for
#include <SSD1306_128x32.h>


If the latest version of the library doesn’t include SSD1306_128x32.h, you’ll have to update your code to make it work without it.

Yeah, I think of that too…

But I want to know why SSD1306_128x32.h has been removed?
Library should store all the codes, and if the code having any improvement it should just update the new code. Doesn’t it like that?

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