Web IDE: "no such file or directory"

I am successful with adding libraries.

But there is always an error message, when I verify the code or flash it.

Yes, I have read the documentation.

I have used Firefox and Safari, I am working with a Mac.

Can somebody please help me?

You are targeting an Electron running system firmware prior to 0.6.0. Libraries cannot be used with older versions of system firmware.

Click on the Devices icon (circle with 4 lines) and select the Photon in your Internet button.

The error message is not at all helpful, but that’s most likely the problem.


Hi rickkas7

Thanks for your fast response. Now, with a Photon it works.

Do I understand you correctly: Libraries with a version higher than 0.6.0 will work for Protons and Electrons?

Or: Do I have to update from time to time the firmware of my Protons and my Electron and than the libraries will work?

If so, how do I do it?

Uhu, I figured out how to update the firmware of my Electron. Now, I have no more error message invoking the libraries so far.

Once you’ve upgraded your Electron to 0.6.0 or later (0.7.0 is the current release), libraries should work properly.

The reason is that there was a major change in libraries (“libraries 2.0”) that required a change in system firmware to work properly. Thus most current libraries requires 0.6.0 or later.

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Great support, thanks a lot!