When the particle compiles, no header file can be found

Particle(p1,0.6.0) can not compile normally, can not find the header file, but the header file is normal, I use the company’s other staff computer can be normally compiled (colleagues use the previous particle version, the specific do not know), I use the latest particle version, seeking help.thank you!

Have you got some code, or error messages for us to look at?

Compiled to say that a header file can not be found, but this program can be properly compiled on my colleague’s computer, he used the particle is the previous version, I am the latest version, I do not know whether the version is the reason!


That’s not enough info to see what’s wrong.

It’s probably because of how you have the file’s saved.

Are you using Particle DEV or the online IDE?

Post a screenshot of the whole IDE including the main .INO screen and the .H file tab that it’s saying is missing.

Without that, we have no clue what you have going on over there.

I use the particle dev, my file is no problem, in the colleague’s computer can also be compiled normally, but my particle and colleague version is not the same, my latest version, take the colleague to write the program there will be found The first document situation!

It’s hard to really understand what your trying to say but I can tell your excited!

Why not give us a screenshot of this file: image

So we can see where the file is telling us there is a problem on line 6 of the xliCommon.h file.

Your project doesn’t seem to adhere the project structure commonly used with Particle Dev (or CLI for that matter).

For example we can’t see a project.properties file.
Also nesting files in subdirectories usually calls for qualified include statements. Try #include "inc/xliCommon.h" or move the “library” files into the dedicated lib folder.

Next, are both dev machines targeting the same system version (Device OS)?
Depending on target version different build farms are targeted and hence differences in project structure are assumed.

Finally, have you actually opened the project via the File - Open Folder ... menu (on both machines)?

Actually the error occures in xlSmartController.h which is where #include "xliCommon.h" is failing.