Summary of differences between DeviceOS for Boron?


If there is any form of summary that I can look at that can let me know what the differences are for the various versions of DeviceOS as it pertains to the Boron that would be beneficial. I have worked on a product that uses the Boron and DeviceOS 3.0.0. We are not doing anything crazy. My unit is powered via AC mains all the time so I don’t have any concerns about power consumption. Should I consider any newer version of DeviceOS? DeviceOS 3.0.0 works fine now, why would it be worth using a newer version of DeviceOS? Thanks for any suggestions.

there is this resource that may be of help:

I guess if there is NOTHING you would change to your devices, a DeviceOS upgrade is not granted.
However, if you wanted to align with LTS releases, you can upgrade to Device OS 4:



The main reason to upgrade from Device OS 3.x is that it is a developer preview release that is now end-of-life. There will no more 3.x releases.

The LTS (long-term support) release lines (2.x and now 4.x) have at least one year as the current LTS (4.x now) and at least one more year of ESM (extended support and maintenance, currently 2.x) where a new release could be made for a serious bug or security issue.

While you technically can stay on the version you are using, I would at least test using the latest 4.x release to make sure you’re ready in case you have to upgrade in the future, even if you do not do so immediately.

The other reason to say current is that eventually the supply of BRN404/BRN402 devices will be depleted and the BRN404X will be required. It’s generally compatible, however it requires Device OS 4.x or later.

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