[Submission] Measure audio level using Root Mean Square Library

here you can find my library to to retrive RMS and Spl value from an audio input.
Library is published as: audiogetaveragelib
More info and github link in the blog post here:

Hope this helps!


Hey @hozone,

Thanks for the great work! I have :star: this thread in case we want to have it officially hosted by Spark itself.

That’s of course with credits give to you for all the work and you are happy to send in PRs to fix new stuff and upgrade it in future when Spark hosts it. :wink:

Happy to ear this :wink:

In a few weeks i will also release a Xively Library, which is working on a test platform from 3 month without problems.

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BRING IT ON everybodyyyyy! :dancer: :smiley:

Posted the xively library:

now that you’ve got RMS and SPL values, can you think of a way to do the FFT / Kahlman filters needed to isolate specific events at specific frequency ranges above a baseline value?

This paper details the possibility of identifying stages of coffee roasting based on the audio charactaristics. It would be neat to be able to implement this as part of an automated coffee roaster.

Already have a relatively inexpensive roaster with some control features, and opensource software called OpenRoast to control it. Detecting the coffee’s “First Crack” and “Second Crack” audibly would be a novel component for a control algorithm.

you can take a look to this FFT library and port it to particle, I’ve tested it on ATmega and it works quite good, also it doesn’t use a lot of resources.

Thanks! will do.

My application will need to take audio measurements in or very near to a 500 deg. F. chamber. Gotta find a practical microphone, etc… too.