FFT Sound input analysis

Due to the small amount of information I founded out there related to the topic, plus my small knowledge in the field and with the board, I was wondering if someone can help to show the path of FFT in spark core.

I checked around if it was available a code for the Cortex M3, but still didn’t find something. I just want to read the sound input.

Thanks in advance.

I’d be interested in learning more about this on a HOW-TO or TUTORIAL kind of way… I’d even pay for it :smile:

I have a few cores with a few Electret mics and some OLEDs that would be neat to show a spectrum analyzer

Great! and which are your knowledge extractions? something you can explain here?

Nice! I have a analog pin that would like to receive readable data…




Would this be of any help
(Link dead due to lack of response the code was taken down)