Struggling multiple issues already posted

I’m really having a difficult time with my Electron. Just getting it into Safe mode with the breathing Magenta is a hassle. Slow flash cyan, fast flash cyan, some red, some orange, it takes forever and I have 5 bars when I place it just right on the table. Finally breathing purple! Now to send it 1 sketch OTA. Takes 10 tries now even when it’s in safe mode. I wanted to eliminate the possibility my code is causing a problem. Still I get a few cyan blinks, instead of the magenta it is supposed to do when it’s successful. Finally. So I run my code which uses some data, which knocks out the USB. Have to unplug and replug real fast or I’ll miss it. The fix is coming in 0.5.0? Now I’m leaving 30 seconds delay after data, to give me time to reconnect USB and click on connect. Still things get weird, I have to try the reset button. Sometimes that doesn’t even work I have to unplug the battery. I know it’s not my code because system mode is automatic, which means my code hasn’t even started yet after reset. It seems like the modem gets in a different state until you unplug the LiPo. In fact that must be the case, as reset seems to reset the processor completely. All this debugging, which has nothing to do with my code, uses data! Even if I upload locally. I’ll keep at it. Any suggestions?

I can hear over my unconnected speakers clearly every time it sends data. Sometimes it’s flashing cyan, slow or fast, and not even trying. What’s it doing?

With all the playing around your doing you probably fried it :smile:

Just joking, better order a new Electron to see if it exhibits the same issues.

I don’t think it’s broken. I immediately covered the antenna plug and coax cable with hard epoxy. It’s been acting the same ever since day 1. I found a place outside where it works consistently on top of a large piece of metal on top of the hill. Keep in mind I have 5 bars inside too. It works in other buildings. It appears to work according to the LED when I’m driving. But the publish log is missing data. It works much better inside once it’s running. It’s the debugging that sucks. USB is totally worthless for development. I heard the fix is coming for the driver in 0.5.0.

Pickup another Electron and then you can at least see if it’s just your 1 unit or if they both do it.