Strange Photon behavior -- random automatic mode changes


I updated the firmware on one of my client’s Photon (which is currently part of a Product). He says after a reset the Photon blinked green for a few minutes before turning solid blue.

According to Device Modes, blinking green means “looking for internet” which is strange because WiFi credentials have not been changed neither on the Photon nor on the router. It could connect to the cloud a few hours before without any problem.

Solid blue is not documented under Device Modes.

A few days before I had the same blinking green issue with my Photon. That seemed legitimate at first, because I just moved to another WiFi. But after setting up the new WiFi I still got the green blinking. I tried setting up the new WiFi again a couple of times, no luck. Also tried flashing tinker, updating the system firmware (particle update), resetting all WiFi credentials, the setting it up again. For a few hours it did very strange things like going into blinking green after breathing cyan for a few minutes, then blinking red just once, then entering Listening Mode (blinking blue), then blinking green again, faster at first, then slower, all this without me doing anything. I’m not sure about the exact sequences, and I can’t reproduce it, because in the end something fixed it. If I plug it in now, it connects to the cloud successfully.

Does anybody have an idea what’s going on with my client’s Photon and why mine did these strange state transitions? Is everything okay with the cloud?