Photon-Fast blinking green and sometime switch to blue

I have been running Photon for a while and it was quite stable until two weeks ago the device keeps loosing connection with fast blinking green. I reboot and it runs for a while like sometimes 1 hr or less and it goes back to blinking green again. sometimes switch to blinking blue and some orange or red in between.

I know there was many old threads but this issue just started happening to me a few weeks ago. I have not move my router location either. Is there a recent firmware change or connection to your server? Please let me know if I need to update the firmware. I got the photon about 6 months ago.


Have you updated the firmware on the device recently? Unless your device is part of a 3rd party “product” it’s firmware will NOT change unless you explicitly flash it.

Could you possible catch a short video of your Photon when it blinks “some orange or red”? I’d like to see what’s going on with that.

where do I get the latest firmware? Github?

Ok. I will post the video next time it happens.

How are you flashing your device? If you are using the WebIDE you can select the system firmware by going to “Devices”, select your target device, and then selecting the system firmware version from the dropdown (see below for an example)

Thanks. I use WebIDE. Last time I flash was about a month ago. I must have pretty recent firmware. I will check.