Strange light combination

I have my Core connected via usb and currently just running Tinker while I play around. Usually it can stay connected for a day or so before it loses connectivity and requires a Factory Reset to connect again.

I managed to catch it in the act of disconnecting one night and the light combination looked like this:

  1. Breathing Cyan
  2. Flashing Cyan (10 sec)
  3. Flashing Red (3 cycles, less than a second)
  4. Flashing Cyan (~5 secs)
  5. Flashing Green

It would stick on flashing green until a factory reset was performed. After the factory reset I am sometimes able to reconnect using the Spark CLI, sometimes it requires more than one reset to get it connected.

Is this combination of lights a clue as to what’s going on?

The flashing red should be an SOS morse code followed by an x amount of flashes. This should help to identify the error. See this topic for more info

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The flashing red means that it was unable to connect to the cloud. This might be due to a network connectivity error.

The flashing green means that the device has lost it’s DHCP assigned internet address and is trying to obtain a new one from the router. (So clearly the device isn’t able to connect to the internet - vis a vis the network connectivity error mentioned above.

This could be caused by the router reclaiming the core’s IP address and the core unable to reclaim another one. Perhaps check your DHCP lease time on the router?

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Uh oh,

I can no longer access the default gateway on my router to view or change settings.

Houston I think I’ve found the problem here.

Factory reset the router and I get connection immediately.

Is there any way to log errors so that I can just leave it running and see if the error pops again?

Basically, is there a debug mode?

There is no debug mode. You could write a simple app that writes out a warning to Serial when Spark.connected() returns false.

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