Store error? someone added a zero?

I’m not looking to purchase either the P0 or P1 module yet, but might be in the future. I happened to notice on the store though they were listed at $100, and $120 dollars respectively. I’m guessing someone added an extra zero there? On the prototype page ( it says they are $10/$12 dollars.

My Photon is supposed to be arriving today so can’t wait to get started tinkering with it :slight_smile: And maybe in the future if I come up with an idea that actually works, I’d want to purchase a P0 or P1 for smaller scale lol.

I believe they are sold in multiples of 10, so hence the price.


Ah yeah, didn’t actually open up the expanded details of it. It says that at the bottom of the expanded details description “P1s ship in multiples of 10 modules.” My mistake. Although, I’d recommend changing the title to “10x P1 - Particle Wi-Fi Module” or something to that affect to prevent the confusion. Guess those aren’t meant for hobbyist, no idea what I’d do with 10 of them lol, I just want to play around with 1 here and there haha.