Status inconsistencies between CLI, Particle Dev, IDE & Webhooks

I’m getting inconsistent reporting on the status of devices across platforms. See these screenshots. In them, devices appear in inconsistent states. In the first, devices are inconsistent between IDE and CLI “particle list” commands. In the second, bwf-j7 is online in IDE, sending publishes to Librato via webhooks and online in the CLI and offline in the Particle Dev desktop.

This is not just about latency. I can wait for minutes and hours and still get inconsistent results.

This is a problem because I’m working on updates to sensors in a remote location, so I get confused as to what’s happening and waste time figuring out if a device is really online or offline. Makes it harder to debug real bugs.

Also, I’m seeing inconsistencies in real time. In the case below, I can call a function from a device that seconds before reported it was offline.

Any ideas about how to resolve this would be greatly appreciated and end some headaches.



I have also found that ‘particle list’ reports devices offline, when they are not. ‘particle call dev function_name vars’ works.
The device not reporting online status correctly has been online for approx 17hours.

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Yes - the problem still happens for me.