Online status accuracy


I have recently added an Electron to my experimental menagerie of half a dozen or so particle devices, a mix of Cores and Photons. Until now I had noticed a bit of a lag regarding reporting of device status, but its not until I added the Electron did I notice some thing really strange.

I have been monitoring my devices on the web based dashboard and the command line interface with the command ‘particle list’. As I said there was always a bit of a delay between the two, with the CLI typically being the more accurate of the two. The web logs have generally been up-to-date, with the ‘devices list’ being anything up to 5min behind.

Then I added the Electron to my fleet and things seem to be getting worse. In fact the Electron is being listed as online some days after I removed the battery both on the web and the CLI. I have noticed photons that I can interact with on the CLI show on the web interface as being offline for a few hours before catching up….

If I use on the CLI ‘particle list’ is reports the electron as being online. If I use ‘particle get analogvalue’ it just times out. But insists on reporting the status of the electron as being on line.

So I am wondering:-

A) Is the Electron, showing as ‘always on line’ because that is normal for the electron? I used the Function and Variable with Photoresistors example.

B) Am I imagining the decrease in accuracy of the web devices page because I am now paying more attention to it?




Thanks for that. That makes sence.

I’m wroking on a simple datalogging tool in python so this is useful to understand in respect of error handleing.



mine is the same, I think I read that it doesn’t really know when it’s offline, but it will know when it’s online.

I use

particle list to see if ti’s online, then after I try to send it a command, if it times out assume it’s offline.