Sporadic Serial Monitor

I can flash my Argon with my new software and watch it hit a certain state (LED on the board). If I try to monitor the serial at this point I get the port is busy and access is denied. If I reset it and monitor it right away it works fine. Does the mesh or anything eventually shut down the serial at some point or any thoughts?

@ggirard, which DeviceOS version are you running on the Argon. Also, how are you monitoring the serial port and on which OS (Linux, MacOS, Windows)?

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It has the 1.4 on it. I am using the CLI took with particle serial monitor. This is on a windows machine.

@ggirard, assuming you have nothing else using the same COM port, you may want to try particle serial monitor COMxx --follow. The --follow part will reconnect automatically when the device disconnects (eg. during reset). If the serial is not working it is very likely your code or your PC.