Spark pulses cyan, but not seen in IDE

Used iphone to config & spark pulsing cyan. Can’t see it from IDE. Is there a chance that this spark unit was pre-owned and bound to someone elses account?

Pulsing cyan means the core is connected to the Wifi network but unable to connect to the spark :cloud:.

You might need to share more information of your network setup like channel, mode, security type etc :smiley:

What is the difference between the core and the spark? I thought they were the same? My wifi is unsecured. I have downloaded the CLI tool and when I run it, I get the following messages:

spark setup

Setup your account

You are already logged in as:

Finding your core id

Your core id is: core id is YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

Setup your wifi

SSID: GoNuts
Security 0=unsecured, 1=WEP, 2=WPA, 3=WPA2: 0
Attempting to configure wifi on /dev/cu.usbmodemfd131
I said: w
Serial said: SSID:
I said: GoNuts

Serial said: GoNuts
Security 0=unsecured, 1=WEP, 2=WPA, 3=WPA2:
I said: 0

Serial said: 0
Thanks! Wait about 7 seconds while I save those credentials…

Serial said: Awesome. Now we’ll connect!

If you see a pulsing cyan light, your Spark Core
has connected to the Cloud and is ready to go!

If your LED flashes red or you encounter any other problems,
visit to debug.

Spark <3 you!

Done! Your core should now restart.

Please wait until your core is breathing cyan and then press ENTER

Claiming your core

Failed to claim core, server said [ ‘Device is not connected’ ]
Please wait until your core is breathing cyan and then press ENTER

Can you try restarting your core and see if it reaches breathing cyan?

Yes, it flashes green for about two seconds and goes to pulsing cyan.

Can i recommend setting up a hotspot on your phone and send the Wifi credentials via Spark-cli?

Press the MODE button for 4 seconds till the core blinks blue. Use the command spark setup wifi and you are good to go!

Let us know how it goes :wink:

Interesting, do you think that there may be an issue with my office wi-fi and you want me to use the phone as a hotspot to see if we get other results? I have an iphone, so hotspot is not free, but I do have another router I can use.

It might be and issue since you mentioned office :wink:

Does it have some login portal or authentication? The core will not be able to handle that. :smiley:

You can safely try with your hotspot for few minutes. The data usage is minimal :smiley:

Thanks, let me call my wife, she manages the phone bill like a hawk. :wink:

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