Spark Kit Documentation & API Calls with IFTTT

Hi I received my Spark kit this week and have managed to get it online now although had to do so manually via serial connection.

I’ve worked through the annotated examples & have worked out that I need CURL installed to be able to make the calls to the API from Windows 7. - So far so good.

The kit itself didn’t seem to come with any documentation though, which I found unusual - is there an online guide of what is actually in the kit because I don’t know what all of the components actually are / what their ratings are.

Also I’d like to know how to control the servos etc but can’t see an example of how its done.

Maybe I’m missing something obvious, or maybe the documentation isn’t available yet - I’ve noticed a few “coming soon” sections on the site.

Also, does anybody know if can be used to make the curl calls? - i.e may be interesting to be able to link to email / fb etc …

Thanks in advance.

Scratch that I’ve found it :slight_smile:

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@bedsingar glad you found it! We’ll try to do a better job advertising that documentation as clearly as we do with the “” URL on the inside cover of the cardboard Core packaging.

Will @ Spark

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@Will - Thanks had it all up and running by the end of the night with a few leds etc - looking forward to working out how to integrate with arduino libraries etc.

I think the problem is that the docs I was looking for weren’t under the documentation section - they are under the kits and shields section which makes sense I guess - just took a while to find :slight_smile:

Already very impressed though - good job.

Hi! I’m trying to use the thermistor that came with the kit. As far as I understand it’s a MF52 4300.

But I need another information in order to get a reading in Celsius, and it’s the resistance at 25 degrees.

If you have that info, or the complete part number, it would be a great help!


thanks @bedsingar , I was scratching my head for the same kit spec but wasn’t able to find it .