Where are the API docs?

OK, i’ve now found I can compile the firmware, but I can’t find any actual documentation under the documentation link!

I assume its not 100% Arduino compatible, so where do I find info on the Spark equivalents to AnalogRead and DigitalWrite etc? what about setup() and loop() - are they required like Arduino, or can we just use main() ?

What about a pinout - i.e. which pins are analogue/digital or have PWM/interrupt capabilities etc? Oh I found a bit about this under the hip-but-not-very-informative title wait what is this thing

There doesn’t appear to be any examples or tutorials even on this forum…

I’m not interested in using the cloud IDE.

Is http://docs.spark.io/#/ of any help? Check along the header for different sections, there’s a little more in-depth stuff there…

(I missed this at first too)

no, that’s where i’ve been looking. one page mostly made up of an ios app is not API documentation.

oh wait there’s some tiny greyed-out links at the top of the page. where the useful information is!

jees this website needs a serious rethink. its too flashy web 2.0 and not enough clarity, plus most of the #refs don’t work

To be fair, it’s several pages…

Reading, writing, PWM? http://docs.spark.io/#/firmware/input-output-analogwrite

Pinouts? http://docs.spark.io/#/hardware

Examples? http://docs.spark.io/#/examples

… getting warmer? :smiley:

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yup found them now thanks, i just don’t understand why the useful links are hidden in tiny grey at the top and all the stuff you’d only ever read once makes up the rest of the page.

lol @ your edit… man, I’m a web developer 16 out of 24 hours of the day and like I said, I missed that at first too. Flat UI is super flat!

Don’t get me wrong, I love the cleanliness. But after training users to look for the fat bold menu style on pages like Home and Status and Resources, my brain completely blocked out the primary nav on the doc pages! How’s that for some crazy psychology…

Sorry to hear about the hash links though. Which ones are you having trouble with?

Hi @sej7278,

We discovered the links are hard to see on Windows, and I think we were working on a CSS fix for this. Our web designer is a mac guy (on which they’re darker).


you can tell the web designer is a mac guy lol. you can’t see the links on linux either!

most of the #links don’t work for me, not sure why they’re used so heavily either. its already been reported that it breaks middle-clicking, it’ll also be completely useless for SEO

Works fine in Chrome and Safari for me… (That’s Chrome in Windows, Linux and Mac, by the way. It even renders fine in the latest IE on Windows 8.1! I’m so glad I don’t have to use Firefox anymore. Ugh.)

Doing a site: docs.spark.io Search in Google and it seems to have indexed everything just fine, so I wouldn’t worry too much about SEO…

I’m sorry Mr. Stallman, but the web just wasn’t meant to be browsed with linx anymore. :wink:


its lynx btw, and that’s how search engines see the web.

i am using firefox 26, you know the browser with the 2nd most market share?

in chrome 33 the links in the header are still near invisible, but the #refs work at least.