Where are the API docs for the Spark class?


I got my Photon a couple of days ago and have had some success building the examples in the Web IDE.

But I can’t find any API docs at all! Not the “cloud” stuff - docs for the global functions like analogWrite(), the the global Spark object, that kind of thing.

Do these docs exist?

As an aside - can the USB connection be used for things like getting debug output?


Thanks, I’d seen the http://docs.particle.io/photon/firmware/ page before but saw the REST API stuff at the top and stopped reading as it was “obviously” not relevant. Doh.

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For an IoT product which you can communicate with using REST, REST stuff seems pretty relevant to me :wink:

I know. Don’t know what I was thinking…

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To follow up - the Serial class seems to work OK (thanks for the hint!), but I can’t find Particle’s documentation of it. I’m hoping the documentation at https://www.arduino.cc/en/reference/serial is accurate, but it might not be…

I also can’t find Particle’s docs of their other classes like TCPClient. URLs like http://docs.spark.io/#/firmware/communication-tcpclient resolve to the generic photon page, which doesn’t describe this class. The Arduino Ethernet docs at https://www.arduino.cc/en/Reference/Ethernet might be accurate, but I can’t tell.

Do you mean this for Serial:
And this for TCPClient:

It’s all there, you just have to scroll a bit. CRTL+f also never hurt anyone :wink:

Well, it’s mostly there. For those who don’t know about the Arduino/C-based underpinnings of the Particle line, there’s reams of info missing from the docs…not to mention all of the new features :persevere:
Search the docs…search the forum…failing that, click the little “Help” button below the forum search box, and search the forums with Google. You’ll get more precise results that way.

It’s under active development, so we’re getting it all there :wink:
Questions can always be asked on the forums, although doing a bit of research on your own is encouraged.

Well I’ll be, there are some docs there after all!

Somehow information on that long page isn’t very discoverable.