Where Be The Documentation

Hi, I have been working with the Spark Core for over a year now so I should really know the answer to this question but here goes anyway.

Could someone please tell me where the actual API documentation is located. I am aware of the documentation on the spark website, ie Resources->Documentation but it seems lacking. For instance, I wanted to grab the time so I trawled through the forum to find a post that I see Time.hour(), time.minute() etc but I can’t find any reference to the Time classes entire method/public properties list so if I need to call TIme.dayOfWeek() for instance I have no idea what the actual method name is. Tme is not covered in the docs I’m looking at and trawling forums for the info greatly increases dev time :frowning:

I know the rtc stuff is a relatively recent addition so maybe that’s why it’s not on the docs page.

So, please could someone tell me if there is a comprehensive document/help file that lists all ‘core’ classes and their respective documentation.

Thanks again guys, Rick

Hi @rickpbush,

As you indicated, the documentation can be found by clicking the Documentation link at the top of this page. ^^^

For the time classes, click on “Core Code (Firmware)”, and scroll down on the left - Here’s a direct link http://docs.spark.io/firmware/#libraries-time

In general that page lists all the build in firmware libraries and commands. If it’s missing details, the source code is always a great place to double-check what’s actually in there ( https://github.com/spark/firmware/blob/master/inc/spark_wiring_time.h ).

Also if something is missing, I hope you’ll open an issue or try editing the docs directly! There is an Edit This Page link on the top of each doc page that’ll make it easy to send a pull request.

We’re working on improving our documentation and making things easier to find, but I hope that helps. :slight_smile:



Hi Dave, thanks for that, I’m afraid I’m a bit dumb sometimes :frowning:

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Hi @rickpbush,

Not at all! If I don’t get something wrong at least a few times a day then I’m probably not trying hard enough. :slight_smile: Also we didn’t have those links a year ago, I think they got added over the summer?