Spark Dev complains no such file, except file not even needed (MAC) [solved]

The problem is that I’m getting an error message as in the photo of a library I was playing around earlier, but now I’m not even including the file another ino that I’m compiling. Then it gives the error “No such file or directory”. Probably some config file or such?

Any ideas where the problem lies. I’m working on a mac if that makes any difference.

Deja vu all over again. Try re-opening Particle Dev with just Blink.ino—I see that the project tree has a couple of projects, subfolders, etc. That’s a big problem, as Particle Dev is (probably) trying to compile all of the code files in the other folders. Never mind that you just have Blink.ino open, or that Blink.ino doesn’t reference any of the other files.
I suspect this is exactly the same problem I had before: I had some (unreferenced) files in a subfolder, and couldn’t figure out why the wrong program was FLASHing. Suddenly can’t reprogram my Core!


That’s it… it was trying compile everything. Thanks…

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