Spark Dev Mac crashes

I installed most recent Spark Dev on my Mac and it continuously crashes.
Before installing the latest version I removed an older version (moved Applications/SparkDev to the Trash and removed .spark and .sparkdev under my home directory).
Did I forgot something to remove from the older version?


@gdillen, are you still facing issues?

And if so, @suda should know about it.

I am having similar problem. whenever I delete and re-download particle dev and run, it brings up a previous set up, which has some problem regarding compiling.
Is there anyway that I can reset the whole thing? or re install?

my symptom is
Particle dev used to work fine without any problem, but it began weird problem with compiling saying that it has no .ino /or .cpp. I double checked everything : file name path fold name. I even tried new file to compile (one single .ino file) but same thing. so I delete the program and re-download several times but it keeps loading the previous file and setting(from saved cache? whatever).

please help me, it’s very frustrating.

@gdillen could you share a screenshot of Particle Dev with this error?

@cherltte I assume what caused your errors are non standard characters if file path?