Spark Core not flashing from IDE

Hi all,
I can’t seem to flash my code the the Spark Core, it just times out.

Seen as I haven’t used it in a long time I thought it might be down to the firmware, so I looked at downloading and flashing via the CLI as the Web route doesn’t work. Although in the GitHub repo dosen’t have any “system” releases

Any ideas what I can do?

Thank you,

Unlike Photon and Electron the Core does not have a modular firmware. So you won’t find any system parts as the application binary will also contain the system parts.
So just build for your desired target version, download the binary and flash via particle flash --usb firmware.bin

However Cores tend to suffer from amnesia from time to time, so you may need to reflash the CC3000 too

See here

Thanks for the reply.
Do you have and documentation I can refer to on how to do this, I feel that I’m being bombarded with new hardwares documentation.

Have you seen the post I linked above?

Ahh yes that worked, thank you. The WiFi credentials don’t seem to save though.