Spark Core - No devices yet


I trying to use to upload my code but my devices are not listed on “Devices”.
Flashing => Error: No devices associated with your account, but it’s listed on mobile app.
Claim a device don’t solve this problem.

Thank you.

Try logging out and in again. It’s fairly easy to log in with incorrect credentials.

I did this and in an anonymous tab too. No success.

Are your programs listed correctly, or is this the first time your trying to use your devices?

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Yes, programs are listed. I have 2 and used without problems until change spark for particle.

Hi @SalomaoJr,

You have two accounts. One of them ends with “s” instead of “r”. :slight_smile:


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:open_mouth: with the same email address?

My devices are listed in the spark mobile app with salomaojr… Can you say me the email of the “s” account?

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Sent you a private message :slight_smile:

I have the same issue with a Spark core. It started a couple of hours ago.

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@hsm what’s the issue?

The previously claimed Spark Core no longer shows up under “Particle Devices” in Particle Build. This means that the Web IDE can no longer be used to flash the Spark.

Compiling and flashing with particle-cli works, however.

See also Spark Core gone from Device listing, can't add it back

Weird. I think it’s just having issues being listed in the Web IDE.

Can you check particle list and see if all your existing devices are there?


Ping @suda

The device is there when using particle list.

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As @suda is looking into this in the parallel thread
Spark Core gone from Device listing, can't add it back

Please PM him your device ID and continue in the other thread.