Spark Core Help Sheets

I’ve designed two help sheets:

  • RGB LED Messages —edited

  • Buttons

Hope that helps!


And a last one:

  • Pins Map

@rei_vilo, nice job!

I just think that the colors in line 4 (all green - description “Flashing cyan”) might need correcting.
And some colors have slow and quick flashing, too (e.g. magenta - download code vs. write code to flash mem).

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Thank you for your comments and suggestions!

I’ve fixed the flashing cyan and posted the edited RGB LED help sheet.

However, I haven’t found anything about fast and slow flashing magenta on the LED section on the GETTING STARTED page.

Where can I find the references?

So many colours and blinking speeds… I’m lost :wink:


Sorry, I can’t remember either.

I think is was not actually in the docs, but in the one of the threads here in this forum - and you can watch this, when you do a Cloud flash of your Core.
As far as I remember the slow magenta is caused by the Core receiving chunks of firmware binary OTA relatively slow and buffers it first.
Only when the download succeeded the buffered binary gets flashed from buffer into the active firmware storage, which works quite quickly, hence blinking quicker.

But it’s a while when I read the according thread and things might have changed since then :wink:

No problem!

Actually, it would have made the help sheet even more complicated to use :slight_smile:

So, what does a slow breathing red mean? I’m getting that when I try to power my spark from a battery powered USB boost board. I’m suspecting maybe the :spark: is trying to draw more current than the board can provide?