Spark core cannot connect wifi

up till ytd my spark core was working fine till it suddenly cannot conenct to my wifi’

Wireless Radio: Enable
Name (SSID): spark
Channel: Auto (Current channel 11)
Mode: 11bg mixed
Channel Width: 20MHz
MAC Address: E8-94-F6-01-34-CC
WDS Status: Disable

that’s my wifi wireless setting and there’s no password

Only for the sake of mentioning it :wink:

I guess you’ve already tried to restart your router and your Core.
I’m also convinced you’ve tried to reenter the WiFi credentials to the Core.

So it doesn’t go away by having done this, could it be that you (or a nearby neighbour) got some new device that interferes with your radio signal now?

yes i did reset the core the router
but my core is right beside my router and i am in my school lab with does not have any new router or things that could affect that i know of.
11bg mixed should work with the core right? anyother things i should be taking note of

802.11bg and channel 11 should be fine.

What color code does your Core report?
Have you flashed any new code?
No changes to the router settings?
Do you use WiFi only or do you need cloud connection?

used code and nvr use code tried both

no changes to router does not work as well
i only need wifi i did system_mode(manual); and WiFi.on WiFi.connect and tried to connect it keep flashing green

Have you tried a factory reset?


I would recommend doing a CC3000 patch and save the trouble of debugging since the device used to connect and now it doesnt.

I am also having connection issues.

Can you elaborate what the cc3000 patch is and where to install it.


Hi @gberm

The CC3000 patch is called Deep Update on the Troubleshooting page:

If you are re-patching a core that has already been patched before, the Spark CLI is probably the easiest way, but there are lots of options on that page.

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Is the patch secondary to firmware update. My firmware was last updated in OCT (0.3.4) but the patch is dated 6/14?

Hi @gberm

There are effectively two processors on a Spark Core, the ARM that you write your firmware for and the TI WiFi chip which has its own software written by TI. You need to patch the TI WiFi chip with the code provided by TI.

In order to do that, you run special patching code on the ARM that sends the patch file to the TI WiFi part one time. There are a bunch of ways to get that special patching software downloaded and run.

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