[Solved] Spark build IDE doesn't load, clearing history (cookies?) required

Hi all,
Once in a while I can’t get the core IDE to load as the circel in the top left keeps on spinning and spinning. Solution till now is either delete complete browser history with cookies, or going to private browsing mode.

It there a solution to prevent this from occuring at all?

Regards, Rutger

I think if you perform a refresh(F5) it should clear up. If you can provide more information like the OS and browser etc, the web team might be able to check it up :wink:

Hi Kenneth
I’m using firefox 34 on windows 7 64bit.
A simple refresh doesnt do the job. I need to remove all cookies and log in again to get it going.

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Thanks! Gonna ping @jeiden and @jgoggins to keep them in the loop :slight_smile:

Thanks @kennethlimcp and @Wildfire for the heads up! Is there any way that you can predictably replicate this bug? In other words, reproduction steps? This will really help us be able to diagnose the issue much faster. Thanks again!

Hi Jeiden,
Unfortunatly I haven’t figured out what causes it. I just seems to occur random, but frequent (once every few days). I remember there was a post about it before, but I havent been able to retreive it

Hey @jeiden , I’m pretty sure the Rails app returns a blank 403 error when the cookie expires that the Ember client does not catch gracefully. I’ve seen this before, if there is a simple way to add global Ember route or before-filter that would catch this and pop up the login screen with a “your session expired” message, that would be sweet.

Thanks for bringing this up @Wildfire and pinging us @kennethlimcp , I’ve added an issue for us to track + squash this bug.

I think I found the cause. I it happend when I loaded the spark build page from a bookmark I made: https://www.spark.io/build/xxxxxx (in which xxxxxx is a number). By removing xxxxxx, the bookmarks keeps on working flawlessly.