Issue with authentication on /build

Hey Spark team,

Just wanted to let you know I had an odd issue with /build. It was working fine (thanks for the multiple file option by the way!). Then when I went back to it yesterday I just get a blank page.

Digging through the dev console I can see a whole bunch of permission denied errors:

I also tried going to /login and /signup - same thing.

In the end I deleted any cookies you had set and was able to get to the login page and everything worked again. Not sure what the actual issue was but thought I should let you know.


a_​musing_​moose, I found that when the team pushes out new web IDE features, I have to logout/login before the IDE works properly again. Perhaps this was the problem. Nonetheless, you seemed to have resolved it just fine!

Hey @peekay123,

Thanks for your reply, and good to know. In this instance however I was unable to log out either.