[SOLVED]Previously working Photon is no longer connecting

Now flashing blue at a few Hz. Seems to be stuck in listening mode and is not breathing cyan.
Connected to computer USB at 4.95V and drawing 80mA.
Device manager shows Photon on Com2 enabled.
Win 7 shows computer connected to WiFi, strength excellent, secured, 802n
Also shows SSID:Photon UAU7, Strength excellent, unsecured, 802n
iPhone particle app says my photon is offline
Tapping the photon device (the only one) on the app give a red drop down which says:
“The device is offline, please turn it on and refresh in order to Tinker with it”. I have Tinkered with it previously.
Searching the particle guide and reference for “refresh” offers nothing relevant.

Would prefer not to use the CLI, but any help appreciated.

Have you tried configuring its credentials again?

Thanks Moors7
I took the easy way out.
Deleted particle app from iPhone
Downloaded app and started all over again.

Photon and I are breathing again.

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