Photon cannot stop blinking blue

iPhone app ver. 1.6 shows Photon as offline. Error msg. says to turn it on (it is already on and blinking blue) and to “refresh” in order to tinker.

Q1: what is meant by “refresh” ?

Power cycled phone and photon, logged on & off app, tried to enter safe mode, power cycled router. Still no joy.

Q2: How to I get back to breathing cyan?

Any and all help appreciated…

Blinking Blue on startup means that the device is in listening mode, possibly because it doesn’t have any wifi credentials configured. You can set these up using the iPhone app.

Thanks, I did read the manual. This photon was previously working and breathing cyan.
Basic problem is that it no longer connects to wifi and is not shown on my WiFi sniffer app (which it has in the past).

Since there is no factory reset, what do I do? What does “refresh” mean?

Try doing a Wifi reset

If you have access to a computer try to use the particle-cli to setup wifi

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Thanks Nathan.

Tried doing wifi reset. Got rapid blink for about one second then Photon reverted to slow blink again.

Installed node js. In command prompt, tried $ npm install -g particle-cli

Got this:

No joy.

Any other suggestions appreciated.

When copy and pasting commands don’t include the $ sign. :smile:

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Thank you Nathan
I am now sighing…er…breathing cyan :joy:

My noob log follows:

OK, so no dollar sign gives me this:

blinking cursor, no command prompt, no further input allowed :weary:

closed CP, re-opened as admin. Finally got to run CLI.

BTW, this image:

appears to be for OSX , not Windows - confusing for noobs like me.

Also sometimes, but not always, windows allows a cut or copy from the above image.
But it never allows a ctrl-v into the command prompt (all I get is ^V for a paste)
However, if one right clicks, one can paste. Bah windows humbug!

So you were able to install particle-cli and run particle setup wifi?

Yes, but I had to run command prompt as admin.