Photon gone into listening mode while executing and does not get back to normal mode


@ScruffR @rickkas7 @peekay123
im using particle photon for my project. once i flashed and programmed with new firmware it was working fine for some time and after that photon automatically gets into the listening mode.

i tried restarting the photon even that time also it was not connecting to the cloud. still breathing dark blue (in listening mode).

And also i tried flash using “particle flash --usb tinker” in particle CLI and again uploaded that firmware, then again the same issue im facing…

and also in firmware im using EEPROM.get() most frequently this may cause any problem for this?

can anyone say what was the issue and how to resolve this?

thanks in advance

Sivapraveen S

Breathing dark blue is not Listening Mode. It means WiFi module is on but not connected.
e.g. after calling WiFi.disconnect() or when not running AUTOMATIC mode calling WiFi.on() but then fail to call WiFi.connect() and/or Particle.connect().

here in document it shows as blinking blue means the photon was in listening mode.


Can you decide which one it is?

Breathing and blinking are not the same thing.

yeah sorry, it was blinking blue after sometimes not breathing. after i uploading it was working fine for sometime after sometime it starts blinking blue.

In this case it could indicate that your code may be calling WiFi.listen() or your stored WiFi credentials somehow disappear (e.g. via WiFi.clearCredentials())