Photon crashes in listening mode


My photon crashes if I put it in listening mode. With both method:

  1. I call WiFi.listen();
  2. I try to update with CLI: particle flash --serial test.bin

It blinks SOS reds, the 3-3-3 then 1 slow, then a lot of quick then one slow
But it only crashes if I am not connected the Wifi (turned off the router).
1.5.2 firmware, but noticed at older version too.

What could be the problem, how could I debug?


Try to flash Tinker via DFU mode particle flash --usb tinker and see what happens then.

It works, but is it also working:
particle flash --usb test.bin

My problem is that the photon crashes when I try to put into listening mode and not connected to the wifi.

Maybe your test.bin is the reason.
Have you tried putting the device into LM with Tinker on it? That’s why I suggested to flash Tinker in the first place :wink:

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ok I will try thanks!

Hi @atom

To add to @ScruffR 's good advice...

Am missing something, I am bit confused :smile:

Is your device crashing when attempting to enter Listen Mode from a "non-connected" status" only? For example it crashes when LED is flashing green and you try to enter Listen mode through any method? Meaning when connected to WiFi you are able to enter Listen Mode successfully?

How are you calling WiFi.listen() from a non-connected state? Are you running Thread Enabled or Semi-Automatic mode, interrupts?? ?


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