[SOLVED] Photon device firmware update error

  1. Connect the photon device to my computer via USB.

  2. The photon device LED blinks yellow.

  3. Execute the “particle -v device doctor” command on the particle cli.

  1. Execute the “particle identify” command on the particle cli.

  1. When the reset button is clicked, the photon LED is breathing white.

  2. Please help me.

@alvin I suggest you remove your full device ID from posts for sake of the security of your device.

Your setup failed because the Particle Cloud could not connect with your device - the white LED is wifi module off.

I would try clearing any wifi credentials (hold setup button until fast flashing blue) and try repeating Particle setup but ensure your wifi access point credentials are correct and internet connected with port to particle cloud.

In addition to what @armor mentioned, you could try safe mode. That won’t run your user code and should help you get connected after which you can flash something reliable like Tinker or Blink an LED.

Hello ~

I have resolved it as follows:

Thank you so much for your help.

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