Photon board firmware issue

Hi, I’m feeling a bit ashamed here :sweat_smile:

Long story short, I had a working Photon board with the latest firmware version, I runned particle doctor from the CLI, and experienced some errors, after that I was the Photon was not going online (breathing white). Since this I’ve tried the following:

  • Run particle setup and configure the WiFi credentials and managed to make it connect to a network but not go online (breathing green).

  • Run particle doctor and after a successful flash and resets I’ve got the previous results.

  • Read here that the bootloader might be corrupted, so I followed the steps here and was able to write the .bin files with a ST LINK and the ST LINK Utility, but no luck again.

Afer flashing it with it with the ST LINK the LED was blinking white several times and then red one time. The current state of my poor Photon:

  • I’m able to put it in DFU Mode (blinking yellow) and the LED on pin 7 is on dimly.

  • I’m able to put it in Setup Mode.

  • If I press reset I blinks green for some time and then starts to blink white a couple of thimes and then red one time continuously.

Any ideas on how bring my Photon back to a working state? Thanks in advance.

Try this (all in DFU Mode)

particle update
particle flash --usb tinker
particle keys doctor <yourDeviceID>
particle keys server
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Can’t be more thankful, you keep saving me @ScruffR! Particle’s support community is definitely awesome :grin::grin:

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