[SOLVED]Unable to flash Photon with my code, even after a full DFU with latest firmware

Hi. One of my Photon boards has gotten into some really weird state. I started it up on a new network, so I went through the process of setting up WiFi through the Tinker app on my phone. After that, the device seemed to start up. I can see its presence on the Particle.io site. When I tried to upload some code through the Particle Mac application, it seems to do it, but the board LED never flashes the magenta color. The LED is emitting cyan (solid, it’s not blinking). I tried a factory reset, but was unable to get the board into that mode. It was just flashing yellow, and never got into the flashing white mode. I finally resorted to doing a full DFU re-flash from the particle CLI. I downloaded the files from https://github.com/spark/firmware/releases/tag/v0.4.7 and followed the instructions. I didn’t get any errors, but even after reconfiguring WiFi etc, the board still behaves very strange. It does show up on the network. The web based build application can find it. However, the symptom is still there, I simply can’t upload any code to the device! I’ve tried the “Blinking LED” program from the examples, but not even that will work. The device is effectively “bricked” at this point. BTW, I have nothing hooked up to the board. It’s essentially only connected to my Mac PowerBook through the USB cable. Also, when I reset the board, it blinks green, then blinks green very fast, then blinks cyan very fast, and then seemingly randomly, it may either not light up the LED at all, or be stuck in solid cyan.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks.

Hmm, I was able to get out of this mode by manually setting the device to flash mode. After that, the code upload was successful.

What exactly do you mean by this, the safe mode (breathing magenta), or DFU mode (blinking yellow)?

Sorry, I meant breathing magenta.

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Thanks for the confirmation, and glad to hear you’ve got it working again. Should you encounter other issues, don’t hesitate to ask.

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