Solved my strange connection problem!


I recently got my device into a REALLY weird state where it basically became unusable. I tried SO many solutions through out the forum but I finally discovered the “doctor” command and that fixed everything. :smile:

Here’s what I did:

  1. Put the device into listening mode (hold MODE until blue light flashes)
  2. Run “particle identify” to get the device’s ID
  3. Put the device into DFU mode (hold down both MODE and RESET and then release RESET and wait for yellow light)
  4. Run “particle keys doctor your_device_id_here”

After I ran those steps my device re-connected and became visible on the Android app and in the build app. I just wanted to share this in case anyone else gets their Photon into a funk and can’t get it working.


I guess you’ve seen cyan blinking with orange/red bursts, haven’t you?

Searching the forum for cyan red burst or cyan orange burst or cyan red flash could have come up with these, all pointing to that command :wink:

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