[Solved] Is the server down?

I’ve been trying to flash my core for about and hour now and I’m getting the
"Request seems to take longer then usual. Please be patient" message
and the “server has failed to process the request on time” message

http://status.spark.io/ shows no official problems.
Have you tried doing a factory reset? Sometimes code that’s running can interfere with the OTA flashing capabilities.

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Great tool I will have to bookmark that one… I did a factory reset right before you replied, its all up and working again … thanks


ahhhh my code was stuck in a infinite loop!! Fixed it and flash works great now …

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I wonder if the firmware should stop breathing the LED if it detects user code stuck in an infinite loop? Go from breathing to say a solid dark cyan.

It would be nice if there was some sort of indication but, I’m not sure how it would know in my loops case.

for(int i = 0; 1 < 10; i++) :smile: i and 1 are so close