SOLVED: Having trouble with libraries in IDE

Hi guys !

I’m having trouble importing libraries to my projects.
I go to “Libiraries” and search for “onewire” and click on the onewire item that shows up in the list below.

Then it says:
Loading … "

and is stuck like this.

This acts like that for all commercial libraries.

What could be causing this ?

Best regards,

You might want to clear your browser cache.
At least that solves the issue for me.

Hi ScruffR

I did try that but no difference.

I’m using Chrome btw.

I’m on Chrome (v57.0.x) too.
You could also try an Incognito Window

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Thanks for the help.
The issue was that I was running chrome on my work computer and the IT department apparently had some weird policy that prevented chrome form updating. I was running v44.0.

Does this mean your issue is solved then?

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Yes. I updated Chrome to v57.0 and this works now.