Safari some Libraries not loading in web IDE


I have a new development, when I try to load a specific library in the web IDE, many of them will not load. The one for the power shield will load fine, but all of the ADAFRUIT ones will not, for example. This is new behavior, it was fine a few days ago.

I did clear my cache recently, to try to rectify a problem with an older library being used in my build than the one that was chosen in the IDE - clearing the cache worked in that instance.

Is there something I can do to restore the correct library behavior in Safari?

I’m using Safari 12.0

It’s actually quite a bit more than that, I also can’t load my apps.
It seems to be limited to Safari, as in Chrome I can still do all these things.

… and sorted. I recleared the cache, and voila!

It happened a second time, and the cache clear was not enough, but resetting the token did the trick the second time.

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