No libraries are loading in WEB IDE for two days

including PublishQueueAsyncRK. I am on Safari Mac Version 13.1.1, and usually works fine.

I was able to search for libraries and open PublishQueueAsyncRK on on Safari 13.1.2 on the Mac. You could try using the Clear Cache button in the Settings (gear) icon in the Web IDE to see if that helps. Also try another browser, just to see if it makes a difference.


Deleting the cache I can load libraries in the first view, and writing “que” in the search field and selecting PublishQueueAsyncRK it loads.

But a lot of libs do not load. ex. a search on “http” none of the libs on the list are loading (ex. HTTPClient). The first 4 items all load in Chrome Version 85.0.4183.83.

I have tried to restart the Mac as well and start Safari without anything to begin with, no difference.

After being in contact with support, and mocking about, my conclusion is that browsing around in the library function is what brakes the cache so it has to be deleted again for the library function to work.

I could do this several times in a row (cache broken, delete and all working, look at different libraries, cache broken again) but could not find a fixed way of doing it. No extensions active and no blockers etc.

Support has the info and I hope it gets fixed some day.