No libraries are loading in Web IDE

Tried it in Chrome, Firefox, Brave, incognito modes on all browsers, with clearing particle cache in

weird, I can see them in Chrome:

It loads the libraries in the list but clicking on any of them stays on permanent loading

I can reproduce this with at least some libraries in the Web IDE, tested with a Mac with Chrome. If I click on AssetTracker in the built-in list, MQTT, or MQTT-TLS, and probably others. It gets stuck at Downloading library tarball... in the browser console. But blynk works for me.

The best workaround for now is to use Particle Workbench. The Particle: Install Library still works, and it should be downloading the same tarball to install the library, as does the docs. Tested with MQTT-TLS.

The workbench workaround is not really a workaround for our use case since we are dependent on web ide over the air updates for our devices. Unless I'm missing something this cannot be done from the workbench?

With Workbench you can also do OTA updates.

yup, like ScruffR said, it's right there:

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Found it thank you