[SOLVED] Device no longer flashing new code - troubleshooting tips?

I have a Photon device that I was using successfully a few months ago and now I’m trying to use it again after a break and can’t flash code to it.

I re-registered the device in the iphone app, and Tinker flashing works, and running Tinker to drive the LED high works. Also the online IDE shows my devices. But when I try to Flash the demo blink code, (while hardwired to laptop) I get a “Request timed out, flash unsuccessful”.

What can I do to troubleshoot or reset the device? I recall there is more than one ‘reset’ procedure. Thanks!

[I don’t know the version of the device, I believe I purchased it in late 2015.]

Trying Safe Mode is always a safe bet :wink:
Have you selected (starred) the correct target device in Build IDE?

This has been resolved. Thanks for the help. I entered Safe Mode and then flashed successfully from thick client IDE. It’s possible also that I had selected the wrong device, but I can’t say for sure.